Nothing more do I hate than writing an ‘about’ page, so I put up all these pictures of myself instead, plus a very awkward high school prom snap for you to oogle as well…all I remember from that night was projectile vomiting on someone’s very nice upscale bathroom wallpaper and ending up on my front porch in a Hugh’s supermarket shopping cart…just like that scene outta ‘Animal House’.

A valley girl, like totally, with a punk rock heart–guess that’s kinda-sorta sums me up…but with a chessboard of emotional and cognitive banana nut bread o’ shit I can’t even begin to explain tacked on. I will say, however, I’m a late bloomer, for I’ve just NOW received my two college degrees–one in theater arts and the other in social and behavioral sciences. No, I have no fuckin’ idea what the hell took me so long other than it’s my process as a human being–the last at the dinner table so to speak. I’ve always been a bit behind, not slow in the special Ed sense, quite the opposite, but years of dyslexia early on in my younth didn’t help my self esteem as an active learner. Anyway (like c’mon already) I’m a proud AF momma, wife, writer, actor (I’ll have to post my network TV demo reel here soon), a photographer, film-maker, audition/acting coach, a great friend and listener, a mental health advocate and high functioning sufferer of depression and anxiety, a one time half ass model, a student of human behavior and motivation, a comedian without ever doing a moment of stand-up…I’m all of the arts mushed up into one big messed up fruit roll. I try to be at least. Much of what I write about in this blog is based on my personal experiences and from the mind of my creative self–us artists don’t have it easy, I don’t think we’re supposed to.

San Fernando valley born and raised, I’ve been a valley girl (no shit, even got the ‘valley girl’ tattoo written on my stomach), a new waver, quasi punk, then a normal looking broad with the best val gal friends one could ask for. Those bitches put up with my budding crazy creative cuckooness all my life and accepted me for it…loved me for it actually. Anyway, I was really ugly for a long time till I wasn’t, so I developed my personality and humor to avoid getting my ass kicked every other day.

These blog entries have a number order, so start at #1…or don’t…do whatever the hell you wanna, that’s what I do.IMG_1443

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