# 11 – Mariah Carey Bipolar…2?

I think everyone hates me. I do. I think you hate me right this very second as you read this…the title even and hell, Mariah Carey’s in it. And how can you hate the women who can make electric garage doors open with high notes so out of universally accepted octave range, even dogs are too unsophisticated to comprehend let alone even hear? Well you can’t. Can’t hate her. But you can hate me. Even if you don’t know me. That’s cause I’m bipolar, too. Or ‘bipolar 2′, the lesser of the two evils but they both suck. People like us, well, I’ll speak for myself here for the most part, but you know I’m right–we think everyone hates us and can’t wait to run screaming down the street naked after an hour in our company. Boy am I wrong about that too, so are you. We are the most entertaining people on the planet, episodes n’ all.

I’m assuming some of Carey’s bizarre performances and diva like demands such as “Can I have some hot tea, my throat hurts,” really threw some people. Not me though, I outted’er a long time ago. In fact, let’s be serious for a second: What truly gifted artist ISN’T bipolar? Too? It comes with genius my friends, so if you’re a sufferer, and no, don’t go all crazy  when I say this cause I’m sure as my rabbits rolling 50 million turds out their little furry butts, being bipolar is not for the feint of heart. It is not. I for one, live with chronic suicidal ideation and used to be an adult cutter, so, you know, I get it. However, I implore you to stop and really get this through your thick bipolar heads: We, you, Maria, Demi, Van Gogh and whoever else who’s been stricken, are pure Genius. Don’t you get it? People like us think differently…and that’s not bad, that’s incredible. We see differently…and that’s insightful. We feel differently…and that can feel so fucking good. Sometimes. Hell, I’ll go on to pontificate that we love, fuck n’ create differently too, and I wouldn’t change a damn thing. Well, other than a med here or there so I don’t get too fat, lose my nice long hair, or kill myself by accident.

However, I get where Maria Carey is coming from when she just recently stated something to the effect of how hard it was to keep her diagnosis hidden for years. A lot of years–that by doing so, she ended up wanting to isolate and cut herself out of everyone’s life so they didn’t have to ultimately deal with her mood swings and erratic perfectionist behavior…or her rather. A human. We are human. That whole ‘burden’ crap mental health sufferers deal with is worse than all my Jewish ancestors n’ their guilt rolled up into a gross jar of Gelilte fish–jus’ sayin’.

Unlike a jar of Gefilte fish, which stinks but probably doesn’t care cause it’s a jar–of Gefilte fish, I feel chronic feelings of guilt and shame and remorse and I routinely apologize for making my friends spend time with me even when they basically force themselves upon me cause I’m supposedly the most real and ray of goddamn light in their lives.  I sure hope my friends aren’t mentally disabled themselves…shit.

It’s the disease we don’t want them to deal with, not us.

Those people in our lives? The good one’s that is? They love us crazy, in an episode, not in an episode…unconditional love baby. But again, I get her, high note hitter, cause I think everyone hates me and I have tons of friends. Go figure. mental health can really be annoying on self esteem sometimes, even if you’re one of the biggest music sensations to ever grace the Grammy’s and have a flashier wardrobe than RuPaul and Miley Cyrus put together.

Mariah, I get you, I’m with you, I hear you, and am so glad you, along with the other brave women and men in media as of late,  that you are being upfront and truthful about what you suffer. It’s not only compassionate, it’s responsible. Thank you for sharing your plight, especially with the one’s still hiding in the shadows of their potential genius.


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